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Transport & Forwarding

As an essential part of international and domestic service portfolio Bobosped offers also services in area of Spedition. Transportation of goods we are not able to cover by our own resources Bobosped covers by contractual partners offering verified, high quality and reliable services.

In area of cargo road transportation Bobosped cooperates with few verified partners from various part of Czech Republic. These partners are continuously monitored and quality of service is evaluated on regular basis. The quality standards of outsourced transports are same high as the transport would be delivered by Bobosped’s trucks and drivers. We guarantee high quality and satisfaction.

Spedition, outsourcing of transportation by contractual partners, is fully covered by Bobosped. The contract is fully determined by commercial law section (§) 610. It means that the spediter (Bobosped) is ogliged to provide transport by its name and account so the spediter acts as transporter to customer. The spediter is fully responsible for contract fulfilment such as goods delivery on time. Possible damage of transported goods is responsibility of Bobosped spediter.

We offer:
  • > 12 own trucks and about fifty contracted trucks
  • > Export / import to/from Belgium, Germany, France, Hungary, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Slovakia
  • > Domestic transport allover the Czech republic
  • > Transport of dangerous goods according to ADR
  • > GPS equipped trucks for cargo tracking
  • > Capacity from 1 to 34 EUR pallet per truck